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This Theory addresses the Dark Energy Paradox in the Universe.  It is common understanding that approximately 68% of our Universe is composed of Dark Energy¹. This Energy is accelerating the current expansion rate of the Universe.  It is currently hoped that Quantum Gravity will help explain this dilemma. It is my Hypothesis that Dark Energy is solely composed of the “Information” Energy Density of the Universe.  And that we (Humanity) directly contribute to this Energy Field Density.




author: KA Copyright 2/09/19

G = (ΔS)²

Assumptions: G = ΔST and  T = ΔS   ∴  G = ΔS(ΔS)

  • Gravity = G
  • Time =T
  • 3 Dimensional Space = S
  • SpaceTime = ST
  • Delta = Δ  (Implied: Curvature of Space)

(Note:  Time is relative and only perceived- not real)



“Thoughts on Our Black Hole Universe”

author: KA Copyright:  1/11/2018  Revised: 10/11/2018

What constitutes the Universe we currently occupy will be defined in this Theory on Our Black Hole Universe.  What is understood as the Big Bang beginning of our Universe Uḣ (Uḣ-Universe with Humans) was the formation of a Black Hole in its Parent Universe.   Uḣ formed “within” our Parent Black Hole, but in a new Universe (SpaceTime).  The Event Horizon of the our Parent Black Hole is therefore our Uḣ’s light cone of information limit.  Our Parent Black Hole is still feeding on Energy (E=mC²) thus adding Dark Energy (ie. Accelerating SpaceTime Expansion) to Uḣ.  When this stops it will then start emitting Hawking Radiation back into its Universe.  Uḣ will then start collapsing (ie. Big Crunch).   The Flatness problem (Ω=1) is due to the constraints imposed by Uḣ’s Parent Black Hole.  These constraints also account for the Matter/Antimatter Disparity (Baryon Asymmetry), 3 Spatial and 1 Time dimensions, and Uḣ Spin from our Parent Black Hole’s Spin.  The Uḣ Spin accounts for the effects of the Hypothetical Dark Matter.  The correct “Many Universe Theory 2018” is the birth of new Universes within newly formed Black Holes.   It is further suggested that Uḣ Planck Units, Space, Time, Matter, and the Laws of Physics can, and are, specific to our Universe, and can be different or non-existent in other Universes.  Travel into other Universes is technically possible, for Energy at least.


“Mechanism for Early Universe Expansion”

author: KA Copyright 4/14/2019

Current Theory in Cosmology requires Inflation (a theory of exponential expansion of space in the early universe).  This paper will propose a simpler mechanism to accomplish the expansion of the early Universe with today’s observable parameters.

As with any violent event (Big Bang) there will be Tidal Forces transmitted throughout. As these Tidal Forces reach the Boundary Layer of the Early Universe, they will be reflected back inwards.  This interaction will drive the Boundary Layer of the early Universe outwards, thereby increasing the size of the early Universe.

It is further understood that any two Tidal Forces colliding at any acute angle will produce a Transverse Wave which will propagate exponentially faster than the two colliding component waves.  This will therefore accomplish the Homogeneity, Isotropy, and Flatness seen in the observable Universe.


SOLID WATER a New Phase Material”

author: KA Copyright 4/27/2019

It is theoretically possible for Solid Water a New Phase Material (non ice) to exist on other planets, moons, comets, and possibly Pluto where there is enough pressure and/or gravity and/or low enough temperatures).  It is suggested that this New Phase Material will be discovered in the core of the Moon Europa.  It is also suggested that other materials also can exist in this New Phase such as Methane, Ethane, and Ammonia.  Again, with the correct and required pressure, temperature, or gravitation.

It is further suggested that exploration on Mars for such a material be done.  This Solid Water will be an ideal material for habitat construction as it will block most all Solar and Interstellar Radiation.



author: KA Copyright 6/10/20

It will be understood that Matter continuously radiates Virtual Particles in an outward direction.  While…


maintain the inward energy density pressure for Matter to exist.